We Are

An interior design studio based in Melbourne. Bridging the gap between architecture and visual arts.

Pursuing design with intent. Looking at the bigger picture, by considering all of the little things. And because we are constantly hunting, We Are Huntly.



We Are Huntly

We are not a one trick pony.

We are dedicated to bringing something exclusive to each project. Be it a custom design print, a tailor made tabletop, or the fixtures we choose for a bathroom sink. We’re focused on the details. After all, that’s what makes up the bigger picture.

Working across retail, hospitality, commercial, residential and multi-residential: we are not going to design something we wouldn’t live in, work in, shop in or eat in.

Our emphasis on craftsmanship means we select everything not only on form, but also on function. With every project we put our name to, we aim to create something unique, something that is sure to surprise you and something that is most definitely beautiful.

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