Scanpan Classic 14pc Euro Knife Block Set

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Scanpan Classic 14pc Euro Knife Block Set

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Brand: Scanpan


This is how you take care of all your cutlery needs in one fell swoop.

The most important blades for food-preparations are in this set: cook's knife, paring knife, bread knife and carving knife. There's also a carving fork to assist with the roast beef duties, kitchen shears and a utility knife because it's always good to have an auxiliary blade around.

On top of all of that there's a great set of steak knives. With them in your collection, guests will no longer have to hack their way through T-bones. It really does make the dining more enjoyable when the tools used are effective.

All of the above are housed in a timber and stainless steel so they'll look good even when idle.

Scanpan Classic knives are hot-drop forged from single blanks of high-grade German stainless steel and individually tested against rigorous standards to ensure that each blade has been accurately tempered to a consistent hardness of 57 HRC.

With ergonomic rubberized handles that provide a secure grip even when wet and surgically sharp tapered cutting edges, Scanpan Classic knives make a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Features of the Scanpan Classic 14pc Euro Knife Block Set

- 9 cm paring knife.
- 15 cm utility knife.
- 15 cm carving fork.
- 20 cm carving knife.
- 20 cm cook's knife.
- 20 cm bread knife.
- 6 x 11.5 cm steak knives.
- Multi purpose kitchen shears.
- Lacquered timber/stainless steel block.