Avanti Espresso Coffee Maker Platinum Grey 3 Cup

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Avanti Espresso Coffee Maker Platinum Grey 3 Cup

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Brand: Avanti
Color: Platinum Grey


The Avanti Espresso Maker with its classic shape and its cast aluminium construction is both stylish and functional. This two-part stovetop brewer delivers delicious, rich espresso on gas or electric stovetops.

Features of the Avanti Espresso Coffee Maker Platinum Grey 3 Cup

Cast aluminum construction
Ergonomic Bakelite handle
Easy-pour, drip free spout
Timeless styling
Functional design


Separate espresso maker components and fill the lower chamber with fresh water, ensuring that the level remains below the pressure release valve.
Add desired amount of medium ground coffee to the filter funnel.
Replace funnel and filter cap in chamber
Firmly screw the upper and lower sections of the maker back together.
Place the espresso maker on stove and heat on medium to high setting.
Eventually, steam is produced which forces the hot water to rise up through the coffee grounds, filling the upper chamber with freshly brewed espresso.
In a matter of minutes, the brewing process is concluded and the coffee is ready to serve.


Separate all components and hand wash with warm soapy water
Clean filter funnel with warm water and washing-up liquid. A washing-up brush may be helpful in removing coffee residue.
Avoid abrasive cleaners and scourers when hand washing.
Wipe dry with a soft cloth.
Whilst this product is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.