It’s no secret that Australians love Asian cuisine. In fact, according to Roy Morgan research conducted in 2016, Chinese food remains to be our favourite cuisine with over 70 per cent of Aussies aged 14 and over saying they enjoy it.  ken hom wok

As tempting as it is to dine out or order takeaway at any opportunity, the reality of a mortgage means it is often more economical (not to mention healthier) to cook at home. Kitchens are undeniably the action zone of a house, and often known as the ‘heart of the home’, as it's where we spend a large portion of our weeknights and weekends preparing meals to feed our soul or share dishes with loved ones.  

With that in mind, there is no better gift to include in your next GIFT’D box than a superior quality wok by Ken Hom, the Master of Asian cooking. Available in Everyday and Performance ranges, the highly effective carbon steel woks are a perfect house warming or settlement gift.  

The Everyday range offers excellent heat conduction and is ideal for high heat, high speed cooking – essential elements for stir frying. Woks in the Performance range feature superb Halo-stick coating that allows food to cook faster and with less oil. Whether your recipient is a culinary novice or the next MasterChef, Ken Hom’s range of woks will have them serving up delicious Asian-inspire fare in no time.  

As any chef will tell you, cooking is as much about the technique as it is the tools. A Ken Hom wok is a perfect match with the bamboo steamer and chopsticks from Ken's extended range of cookware and accessories. Paired together, these gifts ensure the lucky recipient has all of the necessary staples to create and enjoy an unforgettable curry, dumplings, or stir fry.  

Sounds like a recipe for success to impress family and friends at the next dinner party!