The tradition of housewarming originates from the medieval times where each guest would offer firewood as a gift to warm the house and repel evil spirits. Fast forward to the 21st century and the customary housewarming or settlement gift now consists of something for the new house or a gift that can be used during celebrations. If you’re a high-end builder wanting to add a touch of symbolism to your next settlement gift, the GIFT’D team has put together a list of thoughtful gift ideas for your next hamper:

  • Candle: a beautiful representation of fire and warmth, the lighting of a candle symbolically casts out darkness. The Cote Noire range of luxurious perfumed candles are sure to light up a new home and delicately infuse it with heavenly scents. 

  • Salt: a gift of salt represents hospitality and conveys the sentiment “may there always be flavour in your life”. A set of Cole & Mason salt and pepper mills are sure to ensure a flavoursome feast for the housewarming party and beyond.

  • Wood: signifies stability, harmony and peace. Convey this wish in a practical way by gifting a wooden Davis & Waddell serving board that’s guaranteed to provide years of durability.

  • Heavy objects: if you’re feeling particularly generous invest in a substantial item that’s bound to bring good Chi energy into a new home. A heavy glass vase is a perfect gift to stabilise energy during the transition of moving to a new house. Check out the Iittala range of bold designer vases for inspiration.


  • Knives: though considered to be a symbol of bad luck to some, others believe it to be a gesture of protection from intruders. Bestow the new home owners with a function yet stylish Maxwell & Williams cheese & pate set that will hopefully only ever be used to disarm a Camembert.

  • Crystal: believed to attract good energy and protect against negative influences, crystals are said to carry the natural life force of the earth and create a more nurturing environment. These stunning crystal toasting flutes are the lovechild from a collaboration between iconic brands Vera Wang and Wedgewood, and will add extra sparkle to any new home. 

Speak to the GIFT’D team of experts about how we can mix and match the above items to create a customised settlement gift with all of the traditional housewarming elements. Our bespoke gift box packages are a modern twist to the classic basket hamper and can be personalised through company branding to really deliver that wow factor. Browse our extensive range of leading brands to start your GIFT’D journey. We provide Australia wide delivery, including to NSW, ACT, VIC and QLD Metro.