If you are a real estate agent, property developer or builder, chances are that you provide clients with settlement gifts to express gratitude for their business. These are a great way to build on the relationship you have developed leading up to this special milestone, and will leave a long-lasting impression. They are a powerful marketing tool too. A happy customer is likely to bring repeat business your way and be more inclined to sing your praises to a dozen new potential clients through word of mouth. Thus, you want to be confident the gift you are attaching to your brand is hitting the mark. Here are our top tips on what to consider when you shop online for corporate gifts. 

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× Purchase food products without considering your target audience: there’s a lot to consider with gourmet food gift ideas. Can the ingredients trigger an allergic reaction? Are there religious or cultural considerations? (For example, a Muslim client that abides by a halal diet free from alcohol, lard, gelatin or any other pork product). What is the shelf life? A chocolate nut biscuit that’s stored incorrectly and past its expiry date will take the joy right out of the gifting experience for an anaphylactic celiac, no matter how organic or artisan it is. 

× Ditto for alcoholic gifts: a fancy bottle of wine or champagne is synonymous with the word ‘celebration’ and has long been the go-to option for many real estate agents in need of a quick and easy gift for their vendors. However, that bottle of fizz may not be to everyone’s taste or culture or religious belief, so don't forget to factor in these considerations.

× Opt for cheap gifts or packaging: if your customers are investing half a million dollars with you to build their dream home and you are giving them a straw gift basket in return, what impression are you really giving about their worth to you? Gift hampers containing products that can be purchased from the local supermarket are kitsch and hardly sell the value of your relationship. Results from Incentive’s annual Corporate Gift IQ Survey show that products nominated by respondents in the “worst gifts” category were often preceded by the word “cheap” or a synonym; whereas words associated with quality, such as an upmarket brand or “gold”, were more likely to show up in the “best gifts” category.

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