Nowadays an increasing number of consumers and organisations are favouring eco-friendly practices and products in an effort to save our planet. Whether it’s food with less packaging, organic and ethically sourced coffee beans, or clothing manufactured from natural fibres and in an environmentally sustainable fashion, businesses are fast realising that being ‘green’ is a competitive advantage- and soon-to-be necessity - if they wish to appeal to the conscious consumer and future generations. 

The shift toward green living has undoubtedly impacted the Australian housing market too. Customer demand is driving builders and developers to use materials and fixtures in new homes that promote efficient use of energy and water. But the eco-approach needn’t stop there. Your next settlement or house-warming gift can also incorporate items that are kinder to the planet.  

At GIFT’D, we’ve made choosing environmentally friendly items for your next gift box a breeze. Here are our top picks: chopping board

Peer Sorensen cutting boards – Despite the Scandinavian ring to its name, this Australian brand crafts their beautiful chopping and paddle boards from environmentally sustainable Acacia Wood. This strong hardwood has natural anti-bacterial properties and requires little more than a wash with warm soapy water after use. Available in a range of dimensions, the boards are not only admired for their natural beauty and timeless style (blending in as effortlessly in a contemporary house as it does a beach style home), but also for their long-lasting performance. They won’t harm the sharp edges of knives and, with occasional conditioning using food-grade oil like beeswax or mineral oil, are sure to bring decades of enjoyable chopping and serving of bite sized treats.  

Ashley coAshley & Co WashUp Gone Green Mortar & Pestle
– a perfect addition to the kitchen or bathroom, this eco-wash from New Zealand’s modern-day scent company creates the ultimate cleaning experiences by gently removing surface and daily impurities without any harsh chemicals. Containing organic borage oil and natural extracts (and free from sulphates and other nasties), the entire Gone Green collection is Fragrance Certified 100% Natural by Ecocert. Pair it with the Ashley & Co SootherUp from the Gone Green range for a winning combination.  

Pana Chocolate – the accolades for this Australian chocolatier are endless: rich, handmade chocolate made from certified pana chocorganic ingredients and under Fairtrade conditions, and packaged from 100% recycled materials. Pana chocolates are created with everyone in mind – they’re both Kosher and Halal certified, vegan, and free from gluten, dairy and soy. It’s feel good chocolate without the guilt! 

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