Gift giving is daunting, let alone when the word ‘custom’ is thrown in! It seems easier to buy something off the shelf but imagine creating a one-of-a-kind client gift that represents everything your brand stands for! That extra effort can reap huge rewards.

If the idea of a custom corporate gift makes you break into a nervous sweat, don’t panic. The GIFT’D team has this advice: 

1. Research is key

Research sets the foundation for everything else! Any marketing professional worth their wage will know their audience demographics and what products will suit their taste.

Knowing your budget can also speed things up by eliminating products that don’t fit your price range. Consider that heavy items purchased in bulk will add more cost to shipping and freight fees. However, choosing a smaller, lighter option can mean requiring more products to fill the gift box so it’s important to weight up your options (pun intended).

Remember, custom doesn’t necessarily mean expensive – let the GIFT’D team recommend budget-friendly products that won’t hurt the bank balance.

 2. Consider the occasion

If it’s a settlement or a housewarming gift for a new home or caravan then homewares are both practical and appropriate for the occasion. Think chopping boards, glassware, candles, a vase or salt and pepper shakers. Check out our Maxwell & Williams kitchenware and Krosno servingware collections.

Alternatively, if you’re creating a hotel welcome gift for guests, then items to encourage pampering and relaxation are perfect. The GIFT’D range has luxurious beauty and grooming products such as HunterLab skin and body care tools for men and women.  


3. Develop a theme

Just as with any form of design – interiors, fashion etc – consider if the individual elements work together to create unity. A bottle opener may look out of place in a housewarming gift pack without wine or champagne beside it. Similarly, a hand cream will look odd if teamed in a gift set containing cooking utensils. The package doesn’t need to be overly matching but it will look better if there’s a common theme and colouring rather than everything clashing.

4. Finishing touches are important  

A present is just as much about the outside as what’s on the inside. After all, this is where you can really make your mark with a GIFT’D package by adding a logo to the box, branded ribbon or even monogram.

The beauty of a custom corporate gift is that – with enough time to plan something memorable - you can build a perfectly tailored present for any audience or occasion. As with all things bespoke, the recipient will appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of the end result.   

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Still too daunting? Explore our pre-made packs.